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All Guitarschool teachers also teach online.

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Frequently asked questions about online lessons

Where do the online lessons take place?

Your guitar teacher and you arrange an appointment and a platform (FaceTime, Skype, etc.) and you meet online. Then you can get started!
Due to our local independence, we now even teach students in Norway, Hungary, Chile, the USA and Latvia.

What do I need for online lessons?

To be able to learn guitar online, a few things are necessary:

In which languages do the online classes take place?

Our teachers are able to conduct guitar lessons in English and German.

Quality of the online lessons

But you may not believe that online guitar and bass lessons are as efficient as face-to-face lessons? Believe me, there is nothing missing, it is just different!

Of course you feel insecure when you have to play the songs on your instrument alone or even sing, because unfortunately we really can't play with you due to the latency (time difference). But hand on heart, that's exactly what you have to learn, because we can't always be there.

During your improvisation it is extremely important that you practise to playbacks. The online lessons allow you to do just that, because when you play solo and improvise, that's the only way it works. So there is no problem here either. Just please be prepared for a situation that seems a little unusual. 

By being able to respond to exactly these situations, we teachers can create something in the online class that we can only judge there. This can take you very far.

From my own experience, every one of my online lessons has gone just as well as my face-to-face lessons. My students confirm this again and again, also through their progress at the guitar or bass. So go ahead! See you online, we look forward to seeing you!

What my students say about the online lessons

Philip (Berlin)

„Online guitar lessons work 1A! 

I started guitar lessons again in 2020 and since I live in Berlin, I have only used online guitar lessons so far. Sometimes via Skype, sometimes via FaceTime and I am absolutely thrilled. Any scepticism I had beforehand about whether it would work online has already dissolved within the first 15 minutes."

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