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Online crash courses for guitarists

Everything about online crash courses at a glance

In the following we give an overview of the most important questions and contents of online intensive courses for guitarists. If you still have a question, please feel free to contact me:

What do I get out of an crash course?
What are crash courses?

Intensives are 1:1 classes that take place between a teacher and a student. They are designed to help raise your existing playing to another level in certain areas. This can be harmony, a certain scale (e.g. Mixolydian, harmonic minor, etc.) or certain playing techniques (legato = tied playing).

How long does an crash course last?

An intensive course consists of 5 units of 45 minutes each. The individual scheduling takes place after mutual agreement.

Who are the courses aimed at?

The target group of the intensive courses are advanced players. This means all those who, for example, have mastered the pentatonic scale, perhaps have a basic knowledge of harmony or Major scales, but would like more intensive support on a specific topic. 

Who leads the crash courses?

The intensive courses are run by Stephan Lindner, the founder and director of Guitarschool Dortmund. He has many years of stage, studio and teaching experience. His preferred styles are Soul, Funk, R&B and Jazz.

What does an online intensive course cost?

An intensive course (5 units of 45 minutes) costs 200 €.

Our range of online crash courses


My decades of work as a guitar coach have produced numerous didactic "miracle cures". In this course I will teach you all the tricks that will make your fingering much easier, better and faster! You despair, like so many others, of barre chords? Give me 5 hours ...

On top: depending on your progress, you'll get some cool tricks for the rhythm guitar!
Attention: You don't need any previous knowledge or playing experience for this course!


Here I will teach you tools that make learning scales easier and faster. Further tricks will effectively improve your plectrum technique or sharpen your melody awareness. 5 hours will bring you forward!


Maybe you don't know yet how flexible the pentatonic can be used? There are a few "magic tricks" that you hear about less often because they are simply used less often. But they are really cool and you will get to know them in the 5 hours.


You might have problems to realize the coolness of this sound? You wonder how to get the typical bluesy character of this scale? A "detour" via the pentatonic scale will get you there in 5 hours!


If you already know the major modes, you will get along well with this very nice sound and can learn it reasonably fast. The scale is used in almost all kinds of music. A real added value! You will hear it very often in rock, pop and jazz and you will get to know it well in the 5 lessons.


Extremely variable in use! In my opinion very hip!! With this sound it is possible for you to stand out a little from the "mainstream playing". I will give you an access in 5 hours.


Due to its symmetry, it can be learned very well by means of patterns, i.e. quasi fixed lines. Excellent for connecting certain chord progressions. Your added value: this scale leads you via just such patterns ingeniously simple to the next beautiful melody! You will see and hear. 5 hours go a long way.


A core piece is the circle of fifths! With its help every topic of harmony can be tackled. Chord structure, interval and scale theory are important topics. Your added value: You acquire knowledge and play with "brains". 5 hours give you more insight!


Here you play exclusively chord tones and acquire a much better overview on the fretboard. Your added value: Arpeggio techniques make your improvisation much more flexible and conscious. They should not be missing in your playing! I will take care of it. In 5 hours!


Of course you want to play fast. Legato playing is designed to play as few strokes as possible. So learn to use your plectrum in a much more reduced way. Your added value: Bingo....You will become fast! I will increase your speed in 5 hours.

You have questions or interest? Get in touch, I'm looking forward to it!